The Week in Vis: Week 13 (4/17-4/21)

by Mike Gleicher on April 14, 2017

This past week, we thought about how to think about multiple variables, and Design Challenge 2.

This coming week, we’ll wrap up DC2 and move on to DC3. We’ll also talk about scale: what happens in Vis when the data gets bigger and harder.

Note that on Monday, we’ll have an in-class design exercise, so being paper and something to draw with. (for those of you who like to do things on tablets, well, its easier to share paper with others in class, so we’ll prefer things on paper).

Also, on Wednesday, we’ll talk about DC3. So you should at least read the description (it’s not totally finished, but you can get the main ideas) and bring questions.

  • Monday, April 17th – An in class design exercise to introduce scalability issues, and a lecture on some of the issues in item removal and aggregation. Reading 13 (which is also Discussion/Assignment 13) is due (the first parts at least).
  • Tuesday, April 18th – The 3rd phase of Design Challenge 2 is due. The 4th phase will be an in-class exercise the following week.
  • Wednesday, April 19th – A lecture on other aspects of scalability (dimensionality reduction) and a discussion of Design Challenge 3.
  • Friday, April 21st – No class! The additional postings for Discussion/Assignment 13¬†and Seek and Find 13 are due.

After this week… there’s only 2 weeks left of class, and there are so many topics that we didn’t get to. And there’s Design Challenge 3.

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