The Week in Vis: Week 14 (4/24-4/28)

by Mike Gleicher on April 21, 2017

We’re almost at the end. So here’s what is happening for the rest of the semester.

Last week, we had “lectures” about scale, hopefully, we learned more than just “the room is poorly suited to lectures.” We also talked about Design Challenge 3. Hopefully, you did Reading and Assignment 13 as well as Seek and Find 13. And you turned in the last of the turn in parts of Design Challenge 2.

This week (4/24-4/28) will be guest lecture week. Both real and virtual. It’s a chance for us to consider presentations and animation, and to work on Design Challenge 3. Reading/Assignment 14 is due, as is Seek and Find 14.

  • Monday (4/24) – Guest lecture on text visualization and set visualization. “Reading” and Discussion Assignment 14 starts (initial posting due).
  • Tuesday (4/25) – Design Challenge 3 Milestone 1 is due. What we want from you is minimal. It’s mainly so we can check to make sure you’ve started, and get a sense of what people plan to do so we can plan to help you.
  • Wednesday (4/26) – In class exercise to wrap up Design Challenge 2.
  • Friday (4/28) – No class! However, Seek and Find 14 is due, as is the later parts of Assignment 14 (including watching the virtual guest lecture).

This class (like all CS classes) will be doing online evaluations through AEFIS. You will get email with instructions. Please do a course evaluation.

The following week (5/1-5/3) is the last week of the semester. We’ll have the usual (lectures and reading 15 and seek and find), and Design Challenge 3 will continue.

I will be out of town from 4/21-4/29 (I am in France for Eurographics and The Workshop of Intelligent Cinematography and Editing. I am giving a keynote talk about things I did back when I was a graduate student. Normally, I don’t travel so much during the semester.

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