How we computed final grades

by Mike Gleicher on December 19, 2018

Final grades have been posted to the registrar’s system.

Grades for DC3 were posted to Canvas along with brief comments – we didn’t have time to write extensive feedback.

Computing final grades worked out almost exactly as described when the semester began:

We averaged 6 things:

  • 3 design challenges
  • A Discussion Grade, A Seek and Find Grade (as mentioned at the beginning of the semester, the quantitative measures for these max out at an AB).
  • For “participation” we gave everyone an AB, unless there was a problem. We took our subjective opinion into account for border cases.

For border cases, we moved people up.

Generally, to get an A, you needed a better than AB average on the Design Challenges.

We were less likely to move someone up if they missed a lot of in class exercises (without telling us), or were often late with assignments, … In these cases, people got their numerical averages.

If you’re curious, more people got As than any other grade (almost half the class).

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