Infortmation for CS765 for Fall 2019

by Mike Gleicher on April 12, 2019

CS 765 will be offered again in the Fall of 2019.

See the CS765-2019 Web Page.

Some questions that people ask:

Syllabus: the class will be very similar to the 2018 offering, so look at the 2018 web site. The Course Announcement is a good place to start. Some details will change, and we will probably encourage people to experiment a bit more with web-based visualization tools.

Enrollment: all enrollment is done via the waiting list (except for a few early birds). We cannot begin to manage the waiting list until we see the demand and make sure there is space for incoming students. Last year, all students who were on the waiting list were ultimately given the opportunity to enroll.

Undergraduates: we will allow some undergraduates to enroll in the class. You need to go through the waiting list process. You also need to fill out a permission request with CS Department Enrollment Management <>.

Is this class appropriate for me? This class is meant for anyone who works with data, and therefore, has a need to understand how we try to understand it. In the past, it has been “programming optional” – however, in the future, we may have some assignments that require you to do some programming.


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