by Mike Gleicher on July 16, 2018

Are you really looking for the Course Schedule?

I always thought a “syllabus” was a description of the topics covered in class. But, it is actually a more general discussion of official information about the class. (see for the university’s definition).

The “official syllabus” is in an official university system (here) and is accessible via Canvas.

In practice, the course web is the syllabus. Some official material is only on the official syllabus. However, the main discussion of class policies is on the Course Policies Page, that also links to pages that provide more specific details. For a listing of course content, see the Schedule. For an overview of what the course is about see the Announcement or the discussion of “What is this course and why?” The detailed learning goals go beyond the broad goals and get to very specific objectives that try to map out the class.

The learning goals for this course are also listed on a page – including detailed discussions of the goals for each week.