DC2 Deadline (today, Nov 13)

by Mike Gleicher on November 13, 2019

As you hopefully know, DC2 is due today, November 13th. (according to the updated schedule).

You’ve had more than 4 weeks, will another day make a difference?

Per class policy, you can turn things in after the deadline. Your penalty will depend on whether this is a one time time, or a chronic problem. (if you’re late with everything, we are more likely to penalize you) We do take into account how late things are as well. And often we can tell an assignment where the extra day was to polish a big effort (or squash one last bug) vs. problematic procrastination.

For this assignment, we will accept late assignments until November 17th. This is what Canvas would have told you. We may penalize you if the assignment is turned in after the 13th.

The main reason to get people to get DC2 done is to have people move on to DC3. But we haven’t posted DC3 yet, so there’s a little less rush for that. I’d recommend that you turn in DC2 on time and take a break before DC3. But it is your choice.

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