The Week in Vis 13 (Mon, Nov 25 – Fri, Nov 29): 3D

by Mike Gleicher on November 22, 2019

Week in Vis 13 Mon, Nov 25-Fri, Nov 29

It’s Thanksgiving already. We will have class on Wednesday.

Hopefully, you are starting Design Challenge 3. If you have not yet found a partner (but would like to work with a partner), please stay around after class on Monday. There were enough people looking for partners on Wednesday that you should be able to find someone. It’s OK if you tell us your partner on Monday. (but please post on Canvas with your partner, or whether you are working along, by Monday). For this week’s design challenge component, we would like to have some evidence that you’re thinking about the problem. Just post something.

The topic for lecture this week is 3D. We’ve avoided the topic for the whole semester. We’ll talk about how we “see 3D”, and some of the things this might mean for making visualizations in 3D. We won’t get to talk about graphics programming much (that’s another class), and we’ll talk about specific kinds of 3D visualization (like Volumes) when we get to Scientific Visualization.

For the ICE, we’ll probably look at some things from design challenges. Or we’ll try some other design thing.

Readings for the Week

It’s hard to know where to start to talk about 3D. But for required readings, we’ll focus on the perceptual issues.


More resources on these topics are on the readings page from 2017. All of the links should work for you, except for the Illustration handbook (which may be my favorite):

This is a chapter of the “Guild Handbook of Illustration” that helps illustrators learn to convey 3D shape in their drawings. A lot of it is about how to think about how light helps you perceive shape (and it does so with fabulous examples). When they start talking about the actual techniques (like how to use charcoal to make the pictures), it’s a little less interesting.

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