The Week in Vis 15 (Mon, Dec 9 – Fri, Dec 13): SciVis

by Mike Gleicher on December 6, 2019

Week in Vis 15 Mon, Dec 9-Fri, Dec 13

Please do a course evaluation! ( It really does help me! (and it will help future students in the class)

We’ve made it to the last week. You’re probably focused on DC3, but we’ll have 2 last things to do in class. On Monday, I’ll talk about “scientific visualization” – which is a huge set of topics that probably could be a separate course. I just don’t feel like you can have a vis class without discussing them at all. On Wednesday, we’ll have one last ICE – that we’ll use as a way to reflect on everything we’ve done this semester.

Beyond this week… if you are interested in doing more Vis stuff, talk to me. There are opportunities for projects in the future.

Readings for the Week

For Scientific Visualization, there is nothing I know of that is at the right level of detail. The chapter from Munzner will give you some of the basic concepts. But, this late in the class, you’re probably burned out from reading anyway.


This is the closest thing I can find to a survey paper about volume rendering (which is probably the most common case). The front parts cover the basics, but it quickly gets into more detail than you probably want.

  • Arie Kaufman and Klaus Mueller. Overview of Volume Rendering. Chapter 7 of The Visualization Handbook (Hansen and Johnson eds), Academic Press, 2005. (chapter7-volumerendering.pdf 0.7mb)

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