Lecture 17: (nominally March 23) Meshes and Lighting

The first video lecture has been posted! This is lecture 17, which would have occurred on March 23rd if things were going by their normal schedule.

This is my first attempt to make a video like this. They will get better as I get more practice. The sunset problem (you’ll see) is an unexpected fail - and is funny in hindsight (I didn’t realize it was happened until I watched the video afterwards).

I am aware that this one is long. You don’t need to watch it all in one sitting. It’s probably best if you take periodic breaks. In the future, I will try to break the videos into more manageable chunks.

The video is in three parts:

  1. Lecture 17A - Introduction
  2. Lecture 17B - Meshes
  3. Lecture 17C - Lighting

You can have the before or after slides to look at if you want to take notes while your watch.

The Demos that I show are available online as part of the FrameworkDemos:

  1. Two Triangles
  2. Vertex Color (Barycenter)
  3. Diffuse Lighting
  4. Specular Lighting

A great demo to try out Phong shading to see what the parameters do is from Eric Hanes' online class:

The readings that go along with this material will be in future workbooks, but you might want to read ahead:

  1. Fundamentals of CG-Ch10.pdf - is the chapter in Foundations of Computer Graphics about Lighting.
  2. Fundamentals of CG-Ch12.pdf - has Section 12.1 on Meshes. It talks about the basics (discussed in lecture) and then talks about the fancy data structures (we’re not going to learn about in class) in Section 12.1.4.
  3. This tutorial talks about Geometry in THREE.js - which is the mesh data structure I discussed. Don’t confuse a mesh with a THREE.js Mesh.

You don’t have to watch this video on Tuesday, when it would have been given. You probably should watch it before the Quiz on Friday (which will cover this material).

And of course, post questions to Piazza.

Thanks for bearing with me as I figure this out.