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Image resizing via non-homogeneous warping

Yuzhen Niu, Feng Liu, Xueqing Li, Michael Gleicher
Multimedia Tools and Applications, Volume TBD, Number TBD, page 1--24 — 2011
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Image resizing aims to adapt images to displays with different sizes and aspect ratios. In this paper, we provide a new image resizing approach for efficiently determining the non-homogeneous warp that better preserves the global image configuration and concentrates the distortion in regions of the image where they are least-likely to be noticed. Considering the different properties of large displays and small displays, we design different strategies for upsizing and downsizing. We define a variety of quadratic metrics to measure image distortion. We introduce a patchlinking scheme that can better preserve the global image configuration. We formulate image resizing as a quadratic minimization problem, which can be efficiently solved. We experiment with our method on a variety category of images and compare our results to the state of the art.

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