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A Problem Space for Designing Visualizations

Michael Gleicher, Maria Riveiro, Tatiana von Landesberger, Oliver Deussen, Remco Chang, Christina Gillman
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Volume 43, Number 4, page 111-120 — Jul 2023
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Visualization researchers and visualization professionals seek appropriate abstractions of visualization requirements that permit considering visualization solutions independently from specific problems. Abstractions can help us design, analyze, organize, and evaluate the things we create. The literature has many task structures (taxonomies, typologies, etc.), design spaces, and related “frameworks” that provide abstractions of the problems a visualization is meant to address. In this Visualization Viewpoints article, we introduce a different one, a problem space that complements existing frameworks by focusing on the needs that a visualization is meant to solve. We believe it provides a valuable conceptual tool for designing and discussing visualizations.

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